At Ashby Thelen Lowry, our Georgia personal injury attorneys know that older adults suffer injuries in vehicle collisions, slip and fall incidents, while entrusted in the care of nursing homes and assisted care facilities and during crimes that are exceedingly difficult to overcome because of their age-related vulnerabilities.

Navigating personal injury cases involving older adults requires a comprehensive understanding of their unique challenges. Our dedicated personal injury lawyers approach these cases with compassion, empathy, and experience to effectively advocate for their rights and best interests.

Here, we discuss these vulnerabilities and how we approach them with skill and precision to pursue the best result.

Challenges Facing Aging Personal Injury Victims

What Challenges Do Older Adults Face When They Suffer Personal Injuries in Georgia?

Older adults may have age-related physical vulnerabilities that increase their injuries’ severity and impact their ability to heal after an incident caused by negligence.

Aging adults often have complex medical histories and may manage multiple chronic conditions. Pre-existing medical conditions can complicate assessing and treating injuries sustained in an incident. It is crucial to thoroughly evaluate the incident’s impact on the individual’s overall health and well-being, including any worsening of existing medical conditions or new health issues.

In addition, cognitive impairment, prevalent among older adults, can affect an individual’s ability to participate in the personal injury investigation. When this is true, our skilled Georgia personal injury lawyers will take the lead in thoroughly investigating their claim, collecting the necessary evidence, witness statements, and any available video footage outlining the incident and injuries — and who is liable.

Our Georgia personal injury attorneys focus on using clear and accessible language, providing in-depth opportunities for communication and clarification, and considering alternative communication methods when necessary to ensure our aging clients get the legal representation they deserve to produce real results for their important claims.

Personal injuries can significantly impact older adults, affecting their quality of life and overall well-being. Our attorneys empathize with the emotional toll of the injury and provide support and guidance throughout the legal process.

If you have been injured because of another person or party’s negligence in Georgia or have an aging loved one who has and wants to help them hold the liable party accountable, contact our skilled personal injury lawyers and support team at Ashby Thelen Lowry today at (404) 777-7771 to schedule a free consultation to ensure your rights are protected so you can make informed decisions about the direction of your claim.

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