The most serious and complex cases require the most talented, creative and hard-working attorneys. Picking an attorney who lacks the skill, commitment and experience to match the case can be disastrous. After years of watching and admiring the work of Drew Ashby in cases around the country the opportunity finally presented to work directly with Drew on an extremely complex and important case. Drew expertly navigated the case through the trial court, the court of appeals and ultimately the Georgia Supreme Court. At every turn I knew that we were in great hands. Drew and his firm commanded the respect of the courts and the opposing team of attorneys. This level of representation has led me to handle several other serious and complex cases over the years with Drew and each time I have become more and more impressed. There is simply not a higher level of representation to be found.

Don Fountain; Nationally-renowned Catastrophic Injury Lawyer; Clark, Fountain, La Vista, Prather & Littky-Rubin

I have watched Drew season as a lawyer over the course of his career. He has always been smart and caring. Through hard work and dedication, he has become one of the finest lawyers in his field.

Joe Fried; Nationally-renowned Trucking Lawyer; Fried Rogers Goldberg LLC, Atlanta, Georgia

I have the privilege of working with Seth Lowry on a complex litigation matter that affects an entire Georgia community. Since the day I met him, I have been blown away by his compassion, brilliance, and diligence. Our mutual clients are so lucky to have him on our team, and I look forward to associating with Seth and the firm of Ashby Thelen Lowry on future significant and complex Georgia cases.

Rob Hammers; Mass Tort and Complex Litigation Specialist; Schneider Hammers

Max consistently demonstrates tremendous poise and judgment on the highest stakes cases. He is an extremely talented and gifted advocate, and I recommend him to the highest extent possible.

Edward Piasta, Piasta Newbern Walker

Drew combines a rare trifecta of skill, drive, and integrity. He is a naturally gifted attorney with solid instincts, who is committed to knowing the facts of your matter better than you do. As important, he is always as concerned about your case as you are. For many attorneys, “I care” is just a marketing slogan. For Drew, it is a fundamental aspect of his being.

Kurt Kastorf; Kastorf Law; Atlanta, Georgia

Every interaction I have with Seth convinces me more of his intelligence, insight, and thoughtfulness. I have been lucky enough to see him in action on an on-going significant project involving hundreds of clients from our community. Seth treats each client and issue that arises with attention, care, and keen understanding. Seth is an exceptional writer and strategist. The Georgia legal community should count themselves lucky that we’ve added Seth Lowry to our ranks.

Sharon Zinns; Toxic Tort and Complex Litigation Specialist; Zinns Law, LLC

As a lawyer who handles complex cases across the country, I hold my profession to a very high standard. When it comes to reaching out for help, Drew Ashby is always at the top of my list. Never once have I questioned Drew’s patience or willingness to answer my questions, concerns, calls for support. I reach out to Drew because I trust him, and his integrity. Throughout my career I have been fortunate enough to meet some of the best litigators in the world. I consider Drew to be in that category of amazing litigators. Drew is overwhelmingly capable, compassionate, and hardworking; and our profession should use his approach as a template for how to doing things the right way. Within seconds of talking to Drew you quickly appreciate that he practices law for one simple reason, to help people. Any client would be lucky to have Drew leading their charge, and Drew has earned his reputation tenfold.

Bill Ogden; Nationally-renowned Product Liability Lawyer; Farrar & Ball, LLP; Houston, Texas

I’ve worked closely with Drew on 3 very different and very difficult cases. These were the kinds of cases many lawyers would turnaway because they were too difficult. Drew was relentless. He spent hours pouring over documents, expert reports and engineering data. He looked at every legal and factual angle. In the end, he prevailed in each case. His clients were lucky to have found him.

Phillip Miller; Nationally-renowned Trial Consultant and Focus Group Expert; Author: Focus Groups: Hitting the Bullseye, and Advanced Deposition Strategy & Practice; Miller Law Offices; Nashville, Tennessee

Max Thelen is a fellow soldier, a great friend, and one of the most talented lawyers I know. I trust his judgment and legal skills unquestionably. I want Max with me in the combat zone, whether it’s downrange or in the courtroom.

Scott Delius, Accomplished Negligent Security Lawyer

Seth Lowry at Ashby Thelen Lowry is the lawyer other lawyers go to for answers. Seth brings tact, knowledge, and determination to every issue presented in the cases he handles. His background in appellate work regarding complex civil cases allows him to bring a perspective that leaves no stone left unturned.

Buck Daniel; Mass Tort and Complex Litigation Specialist; Dalimonte Rueb Stoller

Drew Ashby is one of the finest and most respected attorneys in Georgia. He has impeccable character, a humble attitude, and above all, he knows the law. If you’re looking for an attorney that other attorneys call for advice, Drew’s your guy.

Senator Blake Tillery; Secretary, Georgia Senate Judiciary Committee; Smith & Tillery, P.C.; Vidalia, Georgia

I have known Drew for many years and strongly endorse him as a civil trial attorney. Drew is honest, hardworking, tenacious, and has great vision when litigating complicated cases. Drew’s law firm experiences as a younger lawyer provided him with top notch tutelage shaping him into the astute attorney that he is today. More importantly, Drew has true empathy for his clients and personally cares about the outcome. It is rare to find a lawyer who possesses these virtues together with a great legal mind. I can say with certainty that Drew Ashby is a gifted lawyer and a wonderful human being. I say all of this as one who is in the best position to be most critical: Drew is a younger colleague of mine in the bar. As a member of the bar for over 25 years, I do not readily hand out praise for my younger colleagues; but Drew is exceptional. Drew is a lawyer’s lawyer and you cannot ask for more than that. I would trust him to handle any personal injury or wrongful death case for my clients or my family.

Matt Nasrallah; Robertson Bodoh & Nasrallah; Marietta, Georgia

Drew Ashby is the type of lawyer others in the profession should strive to emulate. He is passionate and dedicated to his clients but remains courteous and professional to his colleagues.  I have not encountered another attorney that works as hard as Drew. He matches intelligence with determination – and has both in spades. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Drew on two multi-million-dollar cases and have first-hand knowledge of his talent. I rely on him for advice, and would not hesitate to refer a case to him or ask him to co-counsel.

Jack Adams; Wooten, Kimbrough, Damaso & Dennis, P.A.

Drew treats his clients like they are special, important, and deserving. Whether he is listening to them, advising them, or sitting silently with them as they face the enormity of their physical, emotional and spiritual suffering – Drew truly lives the words ‘counselor,’ ‘advocate,’ ‘lawyer.

Katherine James; Founding Director, ACT of Communication and nationally-renowned trial consultant; Culver City, California

Drew is an excellent lawyer. He cares about his clients and takes a creative approach to litigation. In addition, Drew has become knowledgeable in the important area of e-Discovery, which allows Drew to use technology to level the playing field for his clients.

Todd A. Walburg; Nationally-renowned Product Liability Lawyer; Oakland, California

Tenacious, Thorough, and Tough. Drew has all the qualities you want in a trial lawyer. He has faced the largest corporations in the biggest battles and his clients have come out on top. Drew has the skills and tenacity to get the job done. He is thorough and detail oriented leaving no stone unturned. And is tough and has the staying power to get to the finish line. More importantly, Drew is a person of character and is honorable. I am proud to call him my friend and colleague.

Julian Gomez; Nationally-renowned Product Liability Lawyer; The Julian C. Gomez Law Firm; McAllen, Texas

Drew was associated in the representation of a client that was severely burned while working at a South Georgia industrial plant. Drew’s unstoppable work ethic and persistent discovery of facts took the value of the client’s case to an entirely new level. As a result of Drew’s diligence, we were able to obtain a jury verdict over $13,000,000. This would have never occurred without Drew’s involvement.

Chad Shenton; Young Thagard Hoffman Smith Lawrence & Shenton; Valdosta, Georgia

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