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Appeals Attorneys in Atlanta & Marietta, GA

Every attorney works to prove their client’s case to a jury and obtain justice.

But every now and then, either because of an unfair ruling or an opponent’s unwillingness to accept defeat, you find yourself in the strange and foreign land that is an appellate court. And even the absolute best trial lawyers can benefit from counsel with extensive appellate experience because what is compelling to a jury can be completely unconvincing to a panel of appellate judges applying arcane rules, complicated procedures, and varying standards of review.


That is where we step in.

The lawyers at Ashby Thelen Lowry have extensive clerkship and litigation experience in state and federal appellate courts, including state supreme courts, both inside and outside Georgia. Leave the nerd work to the nerds. If you need a bad outcome turned around or a good outcome protected, give us a call. Your time is better spent working up your next big case.

But also, give us a call earlier.

We would love to help with critical motions and at trial to improve the chances of success on appeal. We have a substantial practice of assisting at trial (sometimes called “embedded appellate counsel”) where we develop and argue for-cause jury strikes, oppose motions for directed verdict, handle charge conferences, and assist with strategy in general so you can focus on the story of your case and we can focus on protecting you from appellate risk.

At Ashby Thelen Lowry, We Also Focus on The Following Services:

We’re here to help.

Don Fountain

“The most serious and complex cases require the most talented, creative and hard-working attorneys. Picking an attorney who lacks the”

— Don Fountain; Nationally-renowned Catastrophic Injury Lawyer; Clark, Fountain, La Vista, Prather & Littky-Rubin

“I have watched Drew season as a lawyer over the course of his career. He has always been smart and”

— Joe Fried; Nationally-renowned Trucking Lawyer; Fried Rogers Goldberg LLC, Atlanta, Georgia

“I have the privilege of working with Seth Lowry on a complex litigation matter that affects an entire Georgia community.”

— Rob Hammers; Mass Tort and Complex Litigation Specialist; Schneider Hammers

“Max consistently demonstrates tremendous poise and judgment on the highest stakes cases. He is an extremely talented and gifted advocate,”

— Edward Piasta, Piasta Newbern Walker

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