We have the honor of working with lawyers from all over the country who have entrusted us with their catastrophic injury cases. We have been privileged to pay those firms millions of dollars in co-counsel fees – sometimes in a single case.

That is mostly because we focus on helping people and families who are enduring permanent, life-changing, and catastrophic injuries, or families who are mourning the death of a loved one who was wrongfully killed. But, as we all know too well, it is also because our fight is against insurance companies that almost never do the right thing in catastrophic cases; offering pennies on the dollar in the hopes that the survivor or their family will cave in the face of lost income, crushing medical bills, and needed medical treatment that they cannot yet afford. Our goal is to help restore your client, as much as possible, to the life that they had before the harm. We cannot do that if we accept the insurance company’s version of discount justice. That is why our cases seldom settle before we get to the courthouse steps, or until we are in trial. Taking cases as far as they need to go is what gets your client the full measure of justice they are due.

We focus on a wide variety of cases involving catastrophic injury or wrongful death, including defective products of all shapes and sizes, industrial incidents, complex injury cases, trucking, and other vehicle crashes.

We offer flexible co-counsel arrangements that fit the circumstances and needs of the particular case. If you or your firm would like to discuss a potential case, call us at 404-777-7771 or email us today.

“Drew was associated in the representation of a client that was severely burned while working at a South Georgia industrial plant. Drew’s unstoppable work ethic and persistent discovery of facts took the value of the client’s case to an entirely new level. As a result of Drew’s diligence, we were able to obtain a jury verdict over $13,000,000. This would have never occurred without Drew’s involvement.”

— Chad Shenton; Young Thagard Hoffman Smith Lawrence & Shenton; Valdosta, Georgia

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