At Ashby Thelen Lowry, our Atlanta personal injury attorneys know boating increases significantly in Georgia during the summer due to the warm weather, longer daylight hours, and abundant lakes, rivers, and coastal waters, making it an ideal time for recreational activities.

The influx of boaters, who may be inexperienced or unfamiliar with the specific waterway regulations, combined with crowded waterways, can lead to a higher incidence of boat and watercraft collisions.

Additionally, summer holidays and weekends often bring an increase in alcohol consumption, which can impair judgment and coordination, further contributing to the risk of collisions and other mishaps. The seasonal surge in boating activity heightens the likelihood of crashes, injuries, and fatalities. When these collisions occur, it is crucial to understand who is liable and how to hold them accountable. We can help.

Boat & Watercraft Crashes

How Do Injury Victims or Families Who Have Lost Their Loved Ones Know Who to Pursue for Their Damages After a Boat Crash in Georgia?

In Georgia, depending on the circumstances of the incident, liability for boat and watercraft crashes, injuries, and fatalities can extend to several parties.

Potentially liable parties may include:

  • Boat Operators: The operator of a boat or watercraft can be held liable if their negligence, such as speeding, operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs, inattentiveness, or failure to follow navigational rules, leads to a crash or injury.
  • Boat Owners: The boat owner can be liable if they knowingly allowed an unqualified or impaired person to operate the vessel or if the boat was improperly maintained, and this contributed to the incident.
  • Passengers: It’s important to note that in some cases, passengers can be held liable if their reckless behavior or interference with the boat’s operation causes a collision. All passengers should be aware of this crucial aspect of boating safety.
  • Rental Companies: If the boat or watercraft was rented, the rental company could be liable if they failed to maintain the vessel properly, did not provide adequate safety instructions, or rented to someone without ensuring they had the proper qualifications.
  • Manufacturers: If a defect in the boat or its equipment contributed to the crash or injury, the manufacturer of the vessel or equipment could be held liable under product liability laws.
  • Other Boat Operators: If another boat operator’s negligence contributes to the crash or injury, they can also be liable.
  • Marinas and Docking Facilities: If improper maintenance or unsafe conditions at marinas or docking facilities contribute to a crash, the facility owner could be liable.

Victims of boat and watercraft crashes should seek legal counsel to investigate the incident thoroughly, identify all liable parties, and pursue appropriate legal action to obtain compensation for their injuries and losses. We can help.

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