Our Atlanta commercial vehicle collision and injury attorneys at Ashby Thelen Lowry, with our extensive experience and deep understanding of the complexities involved, know that getting hurt or losing a loved one in a crash with tractor-trailers, delivery trucks, buses, and construction vehicles intensifies the legal journey.

In both Georgia commercial vehicle collisions and car crashes, injured parties typically initiate recovering damages by filing insurance claims. This involves reporting the crash to the relevant insurance companies, providing documentation of the damages incurred, and negotiating a settlement.

Commercial Vehicle Collisions

However, there are also notable differences due to the distinct nature of commercial vehicle collisions. Here, we discuss those differences and how we can help.

Why Commercial Vehicle Crashes Present Financial Recovery Challenges for Georgia Residents

Commercial vehicle collisions often involve numerous parties beyond the drivers, such as the trucking company, vehicle owner, maintenance provider, cargo loaders, and manufacturers. Identifying all potentially liable parties and navigating the intricate web of liability issues is often more challenging in commercial vehicle crashes, underscoring the necessity of professional legal assistance.

In addition, commercial vehicles:

  • Are subject to specific state and federal regulations governing their operation, maintenance, and safety. Non-compliance with these regulations can significantly impact liability and the claims process in commercial vehicle collisions. Understanding and addressing these crucial regulatory compliance issues may be more critical and complex for injury victims to understand without the guidance of legal professionals.
  • Typically have higher insurance coverage limits than personal vehicles due to the potential for more extensive damages and liability exposure. Commercial insurance policies and coverage issues may require more expertise than standard car insurance claims.
  • Require more extensive investigation and documentation of evidence than car crashes. This may include obtaining electronic logging device (ELD) records, driver logs, vehicle maintenance records, and collision reconstruction reports to establish liability and damages.
  • Involve theories of vicarious liability, agency relationships, negligent hiring, or supervision.

Overall, while the general process for recovering damages shares similarities between commercial vehicle collisions and car crashes in Georgia, the unique characteristics of commercial vehicle crashes necessitate additional considerations and experience to achieve a successful outcome. We can help.

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