Our Atlanta personal injury attorneys at Ashby Thelen Lowry, with our extensive experience and successful track record in representing Georgia residents in product liability claims, including those involving defective auto parts and consumer goods, are here to protect your consumer safety rights. We firmly believe that these rights are fundamental protections afforded to individuals to ensure their safety and well-being when purchasing goods and services.

Designers, manufacturers, and sellers have a duty to ensure that their products meet safety standards and regulations. In turn, all consumers in Georgia and throughout the U.S. have the right to expect the products they purchase to be safe for their intended use.

Here, we discuss these rights and how we help our clients pursue the liable parties when injury or death results from their violations.

Product Liability & Consumer Safety Rights in Georgia

What Consumer Rights Do Georgia Residents Have By Law?

Consumer safety rights empower individuals to make informed choices, protect themselves from harm, and hold businesses accountable for providing safe and reliable products and services.

Enforcement of these rights is essential to maintaining consumer confidence and trust in the marketplace and includes:

  • Safe Products

Consumers have the right to expect the products they purchase to be safe for their intended use. This includes household items, vehicles, and medical devices. Manufacturers and sellers have a duty to ensure that their products meet safety standards and regulations set by government agencies.

  • Clear Labeling and Warnings

Consumers have the right to clear and accurate product labeling and warnings. This includes information about potential hazards, proper use, maintenance instructions, and associated risks. Clear labeling helps consumers make informed decisions and avoid injury.

  • Recall Notifications

Consumers have the right to be promptly notified of recalls or safety alerts if a product is found defective or unsafe—like Takata Airbags and other recalled goods. This allows consumers to mitigate any risks or harm by taking appropriate action, such as returning the product for a refund or repair.

  • Protection from Harmful Substances

Consumers have the right to protect themselves from harmful substances in the products they use or consume. To minimize health risks, regulations govern the use of ingredients and chemicals in food, cosmetics, and household goods.

  • Safe Food and Beverages

Consumers have the right to access safe and wholesome food and beverages. This includes regulations and oversight to ensure food safety throughout the production, processing, packaging, and distribution.

  • Safe Environment

Consumers have the right to a safe environment when using or consuming products or services. This includes protections against environmental hazards, such as air and water pollution that may affect public health and safety.

  • Protection from Fraudulent or Misleading Claims

Consumers have the right to protection from fraudulent or misleading claims businesses make regarding the safety or efficacy of products or services. Advertising and marketing practices are regulated to prevent deceptive practices that could endanger consumers.

  • Access to Information and Resources

Consumers have the right to access information and resources to educate themselves about product safety and to report safety concerns. This includes access to government agencies, consumer protection organizations, and product safety databases.

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