At Ashby Thelen Lowry, our Georgia personal injury attorneys know our clients are impacted in countless ways when negligence turns their lives upside down. Their physical injuries can require extended medical care and painful rehabilitation and therapy sessions. Outside of the physical pain, the stress of their injuries can lead to anxiety and depression. In addition to their physical and emotional challenges, injured individuals may be unable to work, leading to long-term financial instability.

Personal injuries deeply impact the person suffering from the fallout of another person’s negligence. However, it is not lost on us that their families suffer, too.

We consider these important details when representing injured clients throughout Georgia so they know we see the bigger picture and are here to pursue real results for everyone impacted by negligence.

Understanding the Impact Personal Injuries

How Personal Injuries Impact Family Members Throughout Georgia

Personal injuries can cause significant stress and anxiety for families as they navigate medical treatment, legal proceedings, and financial challenges. Family members are just as likely as the injured party to worry about the individual’s recovery, how they will cope with the emotional and economic toll of the injury, and the outcome of the case.

Because of this stress and anxiety, caregivers may experience feelings of burnout and resentment. In contrast, the injured individual may feel guilty or frustrated about their dependence on others because of their temporary or permanent loss of independence.

This shift in roles and responsibilities can be challenging for injured individuals and their families as they struggle to cope with the trauma of the injury and their future uncertainty.

In cases where personal injuries result in permanent disabilities, families may experience profound grief and loss. We understand that our client’s lives are changed from the moment their injuries occur and that this impacts their complete lives — including their personal and professional relationships — now and going forward. This is why we are here.

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