At Ashby Thelen Lowry, our Atlanta personal injury attorneys know that negligent security refers to property owners or managers failing to implement reasonable security measures to protect individuals from foreseeable harm.

Addressing negligent security requires property owners, managers, and businesses to assess potential security risks and regularly review and update security protocols to ensure the safety of individuals on their premises.

 Negligent Security

Failure to fulfill these obligations can result in legal liability for injuries caused by inadequate security throughout Georgia. Unfortunately, there’s no shortage of these types of incidents throughout the state, and there’s often more than one reason why.

Here, we explore some of the most common instances of negligent security incidents and injuries and how we can help if you have experienced one.

What are the Major Factors Resulting in Negligent Security Incidents and Injuries in Georgia?

The worst part about negligent security claims is that they can happen in many ways that could have been prevented if the property owner or operator took the proper measures to mitigate them.

Common types of negligent security that can lead to personal injuries include:

  • Inadequate Lighting

Poorly lit areas, such as parking lots, stairwells, or building entrances, can facilitate criminal activity by providing cover for perpetrators and making it difficult for individuals to see potential threats.

  • Lack of Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras can deter criminal behavior and provide valuable evidence in the event of an incident. However, the absence or malfunctioning of surveillance cameras can compromise security and hinder investigations.

  • Faulty Locks or Security Systems

Doors, windows, gates, and other entry points should have functioning locks or security systems to prevent unauthorized access. Neglecting to maintain or repair these security features can leave properties vulnerable to intruders.

  • Inadequate Fencing or Barriers

Properties that lack proper fencing or barriers may be more susceptible to unauthorized entry or trespassing, increasing the risk of theft, vandalism, or other criminal activities.

  • Insufficient Security Personnel

Depending on the size and nature of the property, employing security personnel such as guards or patrols may be necessary to monitor and respond to security threats effectively. Inadequate staffing levels or training of security personnel can compromise the safety of individuals on the premises.

  • Failure to Screen Employees or Contractors

Employers and property managers must conduct background checks and screening procedures for employees, contractors, and tenants to identify individuals with a history of criminal behavior or violence.

  • Neglecting to Address Known Risks

Property owners or managers may be aware of specific security risks, such as a history of crime in the area or previous security incidents on the property, but fail to take appropriate measures to address these risks, such as increasing security patrols or installing additional lighting.

  • Inadequate Response to Security Threats

Property owners or managers must respond promptly and effectively when security incidents occur to mitigate harm and prevent future incidents. Failing to take appropriate action can exacerbate the risk of harm to individuals on the property.

  • Failure to Warn of Known Dangers

Property owners or managers should warn individuals of known dangers on the premises, such as recent criminal activity or unsafe conditions, to enable them to take appropriate precautions to protect themselves from harm.

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