At Ashby Thelen Lowry, our Georgia personal injury attorneys know that being injured in a car crash caused by negligence is more than surprising — it is potentially life changing. The collision itself will present many physical, emotional, and financial challenges. The last thing you need is to inadvertently jeopardize your potential to hold the negligent driver liable for your damages.

To follow are tips on what to do after a vehicle collision and, more importantly, what NOT to do so that you can move forward with a personal injury claim.

Personal Injury Caused by Negligence

What to Do After Suffering a Personal Injury Caused by Negligence in Georgia

If your injuries allow, call 911 and begin gathering information from the scene.

While waiting for law enforcement to arrive, collect:

  • Names and phone numbers of all drivers and witnesses.
  • Registrations, license plate numbers, and insurance information from all drivers involved in the crash.
  • Take pictures and videos of all vehicles involved in the crash, including the damage, any injuries, which way and positions the vehicles are facing, the direction of traffic, and any physical evidence from the scene.

When law enforcement arrives, allow the responding officers to gather evidence, take witness statements, and review vehicle damage to compile a written crash report.

When speaking to the police, do not speculate about the cause of the crash. State the facts as you know them and leave the scene when it is okay to do so to seek medical attention.

Next, go directly to an emergency room after a Georgia vehicle collision. This will allow you to understand the extent of your injuries and record your progress as you undergo a professional medical treatment plan.

Once you have received immediate treatment, contact your auto insurance provider and alert them that you were involved in a collision, so any supporting insurance coverage allows you to get the immediate help you need. Stick with the facts of the crash until you understand all your legal rights and options. Let them know that you are retaining an attorney to help with your bodily injury claim and that you are not ready to talk about your injuries yet.

Finally, contact our experienced car crash attorneys in Georgia to gain direct access to the legal knowledge, skills, and resources that will allow you to make informed decisions about the direction of your claim.

What NOT to Do After Being Injured in a Vehicle Collision in Georgia

After a crash, it is human nature to check on the other vehicle’s occupants to see if everyone is okay while you try to piece together how the collision happened.

For most people, that means saying things like:

  • I did not realize how fast I was going.
  • I did not see the stop sign/light change.
  • I did not see you pull out.
  • I should have paid more attention.
  • I was attending to my kids.
  • My dog/passenger obstructed my view.

Saying sorry or making excuses for the crash can be construed as taking the blame for the collision, harming your recovery options. The human impulse is to be polite, but be careful not to say things that are not true or that could be misconstrued against you. It is important to investigate the true cause of the collision and not to speculate based on incomplete information in a way that can be used against you later when you find out what really happened.

In addition, do NOT:

  • Speculate about the cause of the crash. Instead, let the evidence speak for itself.’
  • Destroy or fail to preserve evidence
  • Decline medical care for convenience or because of pressure from others if you are in pain or are concerned about your well-being
  • Speak with the other driver’s insurance representative without speaking with an attorney first. This can lead to a risky interaction that jeopardizes your recovery options.
  • Post about your accident or injuries on social media. The only people who should know the details of your crash are your physicians and attorneys.


  • Call 911 immediately after the crash.
  • Collect evidence, including photos of the vehicles, the location, and your injuries.
  • Seek medical care. Make it a priority upon leaving the scene.
  • Contact an attorney who can help you understand your options and what evidence to preserve.

Finally, do not take the insurance company’s word for what your case is worth or accept a settlement without speaking with a skilled vehicle collision and injury lawyer in Georgia first.

We will take the lead in your case by investigating the crash, preserving all the crucial evidence, and obtaining all the essential documentation to help build your case for success.

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