At Ashby Thelen Lowry, our Atlanta personal injury attorneys understand that suffering burn injuries because of another person or party’s negligence can be life-changing.

Physically, severe burns can cause significant damage to skin, muscles, and bones, often resulting in chronic pain, reduced mobility, and the need for multiple surgeries and long-term medical care.

The comprehensive rehabilitation process required for recovery often demands substantial time, effort, and resources, profoundly altering the individual’s daily life and prospects.

Burn Injuries


The disfigurement and scarring from burns can lead to psychological challenges such as depression, anxiety, and a diminished sense of self-worth. Additionally, the visible nature of burn injuries can affect social interactions and relationships, potentially leading to social isolation and discrimination.

If you have sustained a burn injury, it is crucial to seek the help of a Georgia personal injury attorney in several situations. Here, we discuss these critical scenarios.

Your Burns Were the Result of Another Party’s Negligence

Severe burns can occur in more places than your kitchen or outside near your grill or fire pit.

When a third party’s negligence results in burn injuries, you may be eligible to file a claim against the liable party’s insurance provider.

These scenarios include, but are not limited to:

Product Liability

  • Defective Products: If your burn injury was caused by a defective product, including faulty appliances or flammable clothing, our Atlanta personal injury attorneys can help you claim product liability against the manufacturer, distributor, or retailer.

Premises Liability

  • Unsafe Conditions: You may have a premises liability claim if your burn injury occurred on someone else’s property due to unsafe conditions, including lack of fire safety measures or faulty electrical wiring.

Workplace Burns

  • Workers’ Compensation: If the burn injury occurred at work, an attorney can help you navigate the workers’ compensation system to ensure you receive the benefits you are entitled to.
  • Third-Party Claims: If a third party (not your employer) is responsible for your injury, you may need to file a separate personal injury claim in addition to your workers’ compensation claim.

Your Burn Injuries Lead to High Medical Costs and Long-Term Care Needs

If you have suffered second-degree or third-degree burns, you may have permanent injuries, including disfigurement, loss of function, or disability.

That often involves:

  • Second-degree burns that cover a large area or are located on sensitive body parts, including the face, hands, or feet, can cause significant pain, scarring, and functional impairment.
  • Third-degree burns penetrate all layers of the skin and can affect underlying tissues, muscles, and bones. They often require surgical intervention, skin grafts, and long-term medical care.

These burn injuries often involve expensive treatments, including emergency care, surgeries, hospital stays, medications, physical therapy, and specialized burn care. In addition, long-term rehabilitation and treatment might be required to regain functionality and cope with physical and psychological trauma.

Our skilled burn injury attorneys in Atlanta can help you pursue the negligent party for all damages resulting from your injuries, anticipate future medical costs related to ongoing care and potential complications, and help you seek compensation for emotional distress, pain and suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life.

The Insurance Company is Disputing Liability for Your Burn Injuries and Damages

Various parties may be liable for your burn injuries, such as in cases involving defective products, workplace incidents, or premises liability, and proving negligence or fault can be complex, requiring thorough investigation, evidence collection, and expert testimony.

We can help identify who is liable for your injuries and pursue their insurance coverage for your damages to avoid the potential for your claim to be undervalued or denied.

We will negotiate with the insurance company and fight for fair compensation while navigating the complexities of insurance policies, including coverage limits, exclusions, and multiple insurers. If a fair settlement cannot be reached, our skilled burn injury lawyers in Atlanta can represent you in court and advocate for your rights.

If you have suffered a burn injury in Georgia, contact our skilled Atlanta personal injury lawyers and support team at Ashby Thelen Lowry at (404) 777-7771 to schedule a free consultation. We can help you understand your rights, build a strong case, and pursue the compensation you need to recover and rebuild your life.


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