At Ashby Thelen Lowry, our Georgia personal injury attorneys know that industrial site incidents that impact the public may include anything from dangerous premises and structural failures to explosions or fires and chemical exposure or hazardous waste.

When a non-worker, or member of the public, is injured because of negligence on an industrial site, they may be eligible to pursue the liable party, or combination of parties, for their full financial recovery.

The question becomes, who is liable? The answer is much more complicated. We can help, starting with a few important questions.

Where Did the Injurious Incident Occur?

If an industrial site explosion causes injuries to those in nearby homes, vehicles, or pedestrians passing by, the company itself is typically liable for the incident and the damages — barring any negligent involvement from a third party.

If there are dangerous conditions at an industrial site, and you are injured by falling debris, or fall because of an open hole on the premises, the company and/or property owner — if they are two separate entities — may both be liable for the incident and the damages.

If the incident and injuries were caused by construction on or near the industrial site, including unprotected dangers like an unfenced hazard, crane failure, or vehicle crash, the liable parties may include the contractor, equipment manufacturer, property owner, or the organization that employs the individual who was driving the vehicle.

How Can I Determine Who Was Liable for the Injurious Incident?

The best way to determine who was liable for an injurious incident at an industrial site is to speak with our trusted personal injury attorneys during a free consultation.

We can help you determine whether the industrial company, a contracted party, or a third party bears some responsibility for the injuries that occurred. In many cases, multiple parties will share the liability, making it extremely difficult for injury victims to pursue a claim without a lawyer.

When industrial incidents occur, and people are hurt or killed as a result, the corporations — and their in-house attorneys and insurance representatives — will begin pointing the finger at any other potentially liable party to avoid paying for the damages our clients suffer.

We can help accurately dissect the circumstances that led to your injuries, so we can effectively pinpoint the liable party, or combination of parties, and begin our pursuit of your personal injury case.

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