At Ashby Thelen Lowry, our Georgia personal injury attorneys know insurance companies will attempt to avoid paying for our client’s injury claims in multiple ways.

Once they have spent countless attempts disputing or denying claims, they may resort to a seemingly last-ditch effort to avoid paying the claim by requiring you to attend an independent medical examination or IME.

Do I Have to Attend an Independent Medical Examination for My Georgia Personal Injury Claim?

Remember, each Georgia injury claim is different, and the circumstances of your claim will determine whether you need to participate in an IME. We seek to avoid our client’s participation in these subjective examinations to protect their rights from the start of their claims.

Independent Medical Exams are Rarely “Independent”

If your or the liable party’s insurance company asks you — the injured person — to undergo an IME, they want a doctor to examine your injuries. While the physician is supposed to examine individuals with a fair and objective approach, their opinions are often biased towards the party paying for their services: The insurance company.

Do I Have to Participate in an Independent Medical Exam if the Insurance Company Orders Me to Do So?

Some circumstances will require you to have an IME. For example, your carrier may request an IME if you have Personal Injury Protection or PIP insurance. You likely must participate, but that does not mean you should not be prepared.

If the insurance company for an at-fault party requests an IME, you may not have to attend. Given the appropriate facts, we would encourage you NOT to do so without speaking to us first.

Your attorney should speak with you about what to expect and help you identify potential issues that may arise during the exam.

Each case is entirely different and may depend on the specific terms and conditions outlined in your insurance policy. The one important takeaway that you should know is that IMEs, in our opinion, are rarely “independent.”

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